Leigh Miller's earliest art making was drawing/cutting out paper dolls  when she three, and never really stopped. Leigh  has been working professionally in photography and fashion since 2014.  In 2020 she received a BFA in photo and fashion business from College For Creative Studies  in Detroit MI, after spending a year in Chicago at SAIC .


While in Chicago, Leigh successfully ran a street style column for F Newsmagazine, as well as covering events around Chicago and for SAIC. Though one day the ghost of Orson Welles told her to transfer, she took that experience back to Michigan where she has worked freelance for various publications including The Metro Times in Detroit with events and cover story work.

Leigh incorporates video, performance, fashion, costume, and, set/installation work in her visual practices, weaving together alternative surrealities through visual narratives.

Living around and in Detroit most of her life, the city's art, rich history, and architectural work has had a major influence on her way of seeing, and working uniquely illustratively and cinematically.  In her own practice she works meticulously from the pre-production of creative direction in concept, set building, styling, and lighting design, through shooting and post-production editing. 

Miller's portfolio includes photo, styling, set, graphic, and retouching work with independent clients, commercial clients, and collaborators consisting of designers, performers, models, and makers in Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and the UK.  Besides F Newsmagazine and The Detroit Metro Times, she has been published with Shinola, The Virtual Shoe Museum,  and (unreleased) Detroit-based Flyover/401 Magazine. She's most  recently had work featured at The Scarab Club, the Dirty Show, Collective Behaviors, and Detroit Month of Design.

Picture of Leigh Miller, artist, in green slime bath with glasses

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